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Staff Wellbeing

Driven by a determination to create welcoming schools for the local community, where every person thrives, makes excellent progress and succeeds.

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Staff Wellbeing

Staff wellbeing is central to our approach to maintaining a healthy school culture; after all a happy staff leads to happy pupils! As a school, we endeavour to deliver on our promises and part of that is a charter to staff wellbeing: 


Our Wellbeing Charter

We will:

1) Break down stigma around mental health

2) Embed wellbeing into training and professional development

3) Improve access to mental health and wellbeing resources

4) Give staff a choice in decision-making

5) Drive down unnecessary workload 

6) Provide holistic opportunities for staff to enjoy being part of the workplace

7) Review our commitment to staff wellbeing regularly and assess what is working and what isn't working

8) Implement a staff wellbeing policy

9) Invest in a leadership role for staff wellbeing 

10) Engage in regular staff wellbeing surveys and focus groups, and respond with a 'you said; we did' approach