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Driven by a determination to create welcoming schools for the local community, where every person thrives, makes excellent progress and succeeds.

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Pupil Experience

Pupils at Mead Road Infant School are happy and secure. They love their school and are proud of it. Pupil voice repeatedly tells us that pupils enjoy learning and that lessons are enjoyable and challenging, they also talk warmly about their teachers and know that they play a valuable role in supporting them and keeping them safe. Pupils at Mead Road have friends who they treat well and with respect - they feel that behaviour is good in school and that they are safe. Pupils at Mead Road love our clubs, activities, trips and outside learning, and repeatedly tell us that playing on our Tree house Woody is one of their favourite things in the world!


Children's Leadership

Building Global Awareness & Responsibility: Developing Children as Future Citizens

At Mead Road Infant School, we believe that even the youngest of children can rise to the challenge when given roles of responsibility, and that doing so helps them appreciate the powerful role that they can play in being active citizens, affecting change and helping others. We believe that by providing leadership roles to children they learn first-hand to care about their school and community, and the people within it, whilst preparing them for life as future citizens. As a result, we provide all our Yr. 2 children (and some of our Yr. 1 children) with a special leadership role of responsibility during their final year with us: a role which they apply for and work hard to prepare for. The leadership roles on offer this year are, School Council, Eco Council, Play Pals, Buddies and Junior Librarians. With the support of lead adults in school, children carry out their leadership role throughout the year, and in so doing directly develop their knowledge, confidence, self-esteem, communication skills, social skills and empathy, whilst also learning more about rights, responsibilities and our British Values.