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Mead Road Social Media via Facebook & Twitter

Twitter and Facebook letter to parents

Letter to the Children 23.03.20

BP_Letter _to _Children_23.3.20

Arrangements for Key Workers 20.03.20

MRI _Key_ Worker_Letter_20.03.20

Home Learning ‘Workpacks’ 19.03.20

BP_Letter_to_Parents_workpacks_Mar_ 2020 [1]

Executive Headteacher ‘Thank you’ Letter to Parents – 17.03.20


E21C Trust Letter to Parents 16.03.20

E21C_Letter_to_All_Parents – Covid19_update 16.03.20

Executive Headteacher Letter to Parent 16.03.20[2]

MD _Letter_to_Parents_[2]_16.03.20

Executive Headteacher Letter to Parents 16.03.20 [1]


Emergency Contacts 12.03.20

Emergency Contacts – Coronavirus Letter to Parents 12.3.20

Head of School Appointment

Head of School letter to parents