Transition for your child joining Reception

To enable a smooth transition for your child we offer 4 Rising 5’s sessions in the Summer Term prior to them joining Mead Road School.  These sessions allow your child to become familiar with our school surroundings and staff. 

During one of these sessions we will hold a parent meeting to discuss school readiness and expectations for September.  At the Rising 5’s sessions we will also offer you a home visit appointment that will take place in September.  This allows the Reception Teacher and Teaching Assistant to get to know you and your child in a familiar setting.

At the parent meeting we will inform you of the starting school arrangements.  In order to help your child settle as quickly as possible into school life we gradually build up to full time.

Transition for your child joining Year 3 at another school

To aid your child in their move to Year 3 at their new school, a taster day/session is offered.

If your child is moving on to Red Hill Primary School the Year 3 staff from Red Hill visit Mead Road to get to know the children.  They spend time discussing the children with our Year 2 teacher in terms of progress, attainment and individual needs.